.: Peugeot SR1 :.

...a look into the future by Peugeot...

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Peugeot combines emotion with the pursuit of perfection

Through the Peugeot SR1, the Marque reveals the stylistic design trends for its future models. The concept car embodies the new world of Peugeot, reflected by the new Lion badge which adorns its body.

Dynamic, balanced, sensual, with an exclusive high-tech interior, this "dream car" explores and reinterprets the theme of the "Grand Touring Car".

The use of HYbrid4 technology allows the Peugeot SR1 to offer an engineering specification in keeping with its styling: 230 kW (313 bhp) with emissions of only 119 g/km of CO2 (0 in electric mode), 4 wheel drive and steering.... for an ideal blend of excitement and efficiency.

Styling that predicts the future

Elegance, purity, dynamism, allure, controlled power... these ideas find their fullest expression with the Peugeot SR1, the dream car par excellence. More than ever, the aesthetic traits of this concept show the general design trends of the Marque's future products, renewing Peugeot's strong stylistic identity.

In short, this concept car creates a new design language.

The Peugeot SR1 is a vehicle with timeless, ideal proportions, revisiting the great traditions of grand touring cars of the past: a large bonnet, flowing wings and a very low centre of gravity.

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ok , fine by me !!!

3 comentários:

  1. nice, não é?

    pena ser 4wd e eléctrico...

  2. sim , mas não é isso o futuro , meu caro ???

    (tu que percebes disso) , por falar nisso, não ias fazer algo sobre carros ???


  3. eu gosto de carros à hombre...

    o futuro é dos metrossexuais, e das suas paneleiragens...


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